Delmarva Scenes
Photographs by SG Atkinson of
The Usual, Unusual, Beautiful and not so pretty scenes of the Delmarva Peninsula

As the summer of 2015 began, I began this project of photographing the Delmarva Peninsula. Since then I have taken many photographs. But the project is far from over.

There are many places I haven’t been where I am sure I will find hold many scenes that should be, need to be, and will be photographed

In the weeks and months to come I will continue to work to add Delmarva Scenes to my collection of Note and Greeting Cards and prints.

I have placed a few of these Delmarva Scenes photographs on Fine Art America – fineartamerica.com/profiles/steve-atkinson.html where prints can be purchased. On this Website I will be posting those photographs, plus one that will be added (I hope to add a new one each week) with some details about the photographs as well as why I feel that it is a Delmarva Scene.

I also hope to have available soon a Post Card series.

And one day a Photo Coffee Table type Book with plenty of Delmarva Scenes.

Fine ART Photographs at Fine Art America
Note and Greeting Cards

Thank You
SG Atkinson – Photographer

Last updated:
June 10, 2018