Autumn Colors

Photo by SG atkinson: Autumn Colors
Life sometimes gets in the way and runs by faster than you think. That has happened this week and I missed a few days.

This year’s colors weren’t nearly as nice as last years when this photo was taken

Frozen Hebe

Photo by SG Atkinson: Frozen Hebe
While you can plan for hours, days and even months to get that one amazing shot, sometimes it just happens. This photo came from one of those chance moments

One Saturday afternoon I was passing through Chestertown and decided to stop at the town’s Fountain Park. When the morning dawned it had been below freezing with the temperatures still being cold but well above freezing. The fountain had not be shut down yet for the winter and still flowing.

Hebe is the goddess on top of the fountain.

This photo is the November Photo in the Kent County in Pictures 2019 Calendar

Relaxing View of Georgetown Harbor

Photo by SG Atkinson: Relaxing View of Georgetown Harbor
For the past 5 years I have put together a “Kent County in Pictures” calendar. The monthly photo I choose for each month is from the same month of the previous year. Sometimes it is ones that I just take in the course of my work as a photojournalist. Other times I do take them specially for the calendar.

This photo was a little of both. Shortly after the 4th of July, the next day actually, The Kitty Knight House new owners held a ribbon cutting. While there we were talking about the fantastic view of Georgetown Harbor on the Sassafras River, I decided to take this shot.

Taking it I knew I would like it in a calendar and even though there are many other activities in July in Kent County, I did decide to use this one as the July 2019 photo in the calendar “Kent County in Pictures”.

I can also see it as a card. If you’d like it as a card, I would love to put this in a custom set for you.

A Solemn Moment

Photograph by SG Atkinson: solemn moment
On the 11th day of the 11th month many places hold a Veterans Day Memorial Ceremony. This is from the ceremony held annually in Galena, Maryland. It’s always a solemn moment when Taps is played.

No Ice Skating

Photo by SG Atkinson: No Swimming
January and February of 2015 had one of the coldest days in many years. Temperatures were near zero for many days, including the day this photo was taken, with the Chester River in Chestertown freezing over.

Before this day I had walked past this sign in Wilmer Park, but never noticed the No Ice Skating part of it. Forward thinking.

This photo is offered as a Fine Art Print and on Note/Greeting Cards

Harbor Sunset

Photograph by SG Atkinson: Harbor Sunset
While I don’t often go out to capture sunsets, sometimes they do find me. This was one of them. I was working with the business association in Galena on a fundraising event and they wanted a few photos of the view of Georgetown Harbor on the Sassafras River. After the planning meeting I went to take a few photos and this was one.

This photo is offered as a Fine Art Print and on Note/Greeting Cards

Rock Hall’s Beach

Photo by SG Atkinson: On the Chesapeake
The Town of Rock Hall in Kent County, MD is a small town on the Chesapeake Bay. For much of its history it has been a town full of those who made a living on the water. It still is, but the watermen way of life has faded and many docks are full of sailboats instead of work boats.

There is a small beach that is enjoyed by many as a quiet peaceful place to sit and enjoy the sight of the Chesapeake.

This photo is available as a Note/Greeting Card.

Betterton Beach after the Storm

Delmarva Scene - Photograph by SG Atkinson: Betterton Beach After the Storm

Delmarva Scene - Photograph by SG Atkinson: Betterton Beach After the Storm
Weather can often change what is usually a beautiful, comforting location. Betterton Beach is one of those beautiful comforting places. Especially in the middle of summer.

This photo shows how a storm can make a big difference. Early March 2018 saw a North Easter come up the coast of the Atlantic. The Delmarva saw lots of rains, but also very strong winds that blew driftwood, logs and other garbage onto the beach.

On the Banks of the Chester

Delmarva Scenes: Photography by SG Atkinson - On the Banks of the Chester
On the Banks of the Chester

As the publisher of ChesaDel Crier, I received a notice that there would be bridge work done on the Chester River Bridge in Chestertown. I wanted to post a photo of the bridge and couldn’t find one that I wanted to use. Since I live in Chestertown, I decided to go shoot one. While out I went to Wilmer Park and took this, and a few other, photos of the grasses along the river bank in the park.

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